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Dear Ladies and Sirs,
Please make your best offers for sale:
LS1020AXN7KQB x 300 pcs  delivery mid-2024 year, need new original factory packing  22+
See details terms and conditions
before please ask about details
compare your prices
and make your final order!
The prices are updated and new models of phones and accessories in corresponding sections are added.
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The prices are updated  on ZIP-archive  in Microsoft Exel format
 The principle of work of our
company with own goods and with the goods of our suppliers, the detailed information on delivery and payment, also terms of delivery of cargo depending on conditions INCOTERMS 2000, also is described the mechanism of guarantees and cargo check before its payment. Variants offered by the buyer and the supplier taking into account their interests are considered also.
 B2B a board of
announcements and also special forums of the wholesale companies for carrying out of auctions, also thematic sections for modernisation and replacement of the software and repair of your mobile phones, in addition a lot of useful technical to the information for studying...
 We also are interested in development and an establishment of new communications with suppliers, therefore we publish here our current inquiries and demands...
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