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Brand Part Nbr, Comments Qa-lity Production year Price 
Rakon/IQD CFPT-9301-FX-A 50 Mhz / LFPTXO000316 Bulk  Generator 110    
Analog Devices AD8310ARM Chip 150    
Analog Devices AD8400AR100 Chip 40    
Analog Devices AD9833BRM Chip 40    
Analog Devices ADG719BRM Chip 250    
Analog Devices ADG722BRM Chip 80    
Analog Devices ADG723BRM Chip 50    
Analog Devices ADG919BRM Chip 50    
Analog Devices ADM809RART Chip 100    
Analog Devices ADP2108AUJZ-1,0-R7 Chip 150    
Texas Instruments BQ24125RHLT Chip 100    
Texas Instruments BQ24292IRGER Chip 100    
Texas Instruments BQ25792RQMR Chip 80    
Texas Instruments BQ29209TDRBRQ1 Chip 100    
Maxim DS1390U-33 Chip 170    
Ramtron FM25L16-G (FM25L04-S) Chip 50    
InvevSense ICS-43434 Chip 160    
Mini-Circuits JSW2-63DR+ Chip 100    
Texas Instruments LMZ14203HTZE Chip 160    
Analog Devices LT1761ES5-SD Chip 200    
Analog Devices LT1763CS8-2,5 Chip 270    
Analog Devices LT1763CS8-3,3 Chip 1000    
Analog Devices LT3494EDDB Chip 100    
Analog Devices LTC3531ES6-3,3 Chip 180    
Analog Devices LTC4229IUFD Chip 40    
Analog Devices LTC4412HVIS6 Chip 310    
Analog Devices LTC4417IGN Chip 230    
Maxim MAX828EUK Chip 50    
Maxim MAX8677CETG Chip 90    
Maxim MAX8880EUT+Т Chip 300    
Maxim MAX985EXK+T Chip 210    
Microchip MCP2221A-I/ST Chip 20    
Avago MGA-68563-BLKG Chip 500    
Freescale Semiconductor MMZ09332BT1 Chip 75    
ON Semiconductor NC7S86M51 Chip 200    
Peregrin Semiconductor PE42421scaa-z (PE4259) Chip 1300    
Peregrin Semiconductor PE42440 Chip 1050    
Peregrin Semiconductor PE43705A-Z Chip 170    
Microchip PIC24EP512GU810-I/PF Chip 600    
Microchip PIC24EP512GU810-I/PT Chip 600    
Microchip PIC24F16KA102-I/ML Chip 400    
Microchip PIC24FJ256GB410-I-PT Chip 50    
Microchip PIC32MX575F512L-80I/PT Chip 100    
Mitsubishi Electric RA07M1317M Chip 110    
Mitsubishi Electric RA07M4047M Chip 32    
RFMD RF5110GTR7 Chip 80    
Silicon Labs SI3402-B-GM Chip 100    
Silicon Labs Si4464-B1B-FM Chip 670    
Microchip TC72-3,3MUA Chip 100    
Texas Instruments TLV2450IDBV Chip 385    
Texas Instruments TLV431ASN1T1G Chip 80    
Texas Instruments TPS62160DSG Chip 1300    
Texas Instruments TPS63020DSJT Chip 140    
Texas Instruments TPS63060DSC Chip 60    
Texas Instruments TPS82130SILT Chip 180    
CEL UPD5740T6N Chip 250    
Wiznet W5300 Chip 100    
Coilcraft 1008HQ-33NXJLC Coil 100    
Wurth Elektronik 74456215 WE-PD Coil 62    
Wurth Elektronik 7447779133 WE-PD  Coil 180    
Epcos B82464G4103M Coil 100    
Coilcraft XAL4020-102MEC Coil 150    
Coilcraft XFL4020-222MEC Coil 1300    
NKK AS22AV Switch 35    
 Nidec Components Corporation ASE2D-6M-10 Switch 200    
Harwin M50-3600242 Plug for board 2000    
Harwin M50-3000545 socket for board 50    
Harwin M50-3150542 socket for board 2000    
Lemo EGG.00.304.CLL  connector 15    
Lemo FGG.00.302.CLAD35 connector 15    
Lemo FGG.00.304.CLAD35 connector 30    
Phoenix Contact PTSM 0,5/4-P-2,5   Socket 80    
Winstar WEO012864ALAP3N00000 Indicator 25    
Winstar WEO012864DLPP3N00005 Indicator 16    
Intel (Altera)  10M08SCM153I7G Chip 190    
Intel (Altera)  10M08SCU169I7G Chip 190    
Intel (Altera)  10M25SCE144I7G Chip 15    
Intel (Altera)  EN5311QI Chip 290    
Intel (Altera)  EN5329QI Chip 290    
Intel (Altera)  EP5358HUI Chip 25    
Intel (Altera)  EP3C25E144I7N Chip 55    
Intel (Altera)  EPCQ16ASI8N Chip 55    
Samsung  K4B4G1646E-BMK0 Chip 25    
Microchip K4B4G1646B-HIK0, K4B4G1646E-BMMATCV Chip 200    
NXP  KSZ9031RNXIA Chip 290    
NXP  LS1020AXN7KQB Chip 15    
Micron  MCIMX6D5EYM10AE Chip 560    
Micron  MT41K256M16HA-125IT:E  Chip 560    
Renesas  MT41K256M16TW-107IT:P Chip 15    
 Texas Instruments  TW6869-TA1-CR Chip 141    

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Payment after ready confirmed stock to ship.

We buy only ready-to-ship stocks and before paying, our transport agent checks if you have them and only after that we make the payment and he picks them up from you directly from the warehouse or office, he can also buy them from you on the spot in cash or bank translation, in some cases, when buying directly from distributors, we pay for a pre-made order or placing it at the manufacturer's factory. so you do not need to offer us "air" only real physical supplies that you have in stock!

Please indicate:
1. Cost of each model for want of of indicated consignment of the order.
2. Full specification on this model, country of manufacturing, complete set, version software, etc..
3. Condition of payment and delivery.
4. Other additional information, which you can grant.


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