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Hello friends!

What things disturb each businessman before conducting a transaction?

- "Is your partner cheating or not?"

- "Will you get things you wanted?"

It’s very important to know for any customer how soon he will receive the goods. Such things as: the guaranteed delivery to the specified destination, conditions on insurance and guarantees on safety of cargo matter a lot. There are different variants of payment which guarantee delivery of the goods and absence of swindle (such as: L/C, Ecrow and others), but all these methods essentially complicate process of purchase and sale of the goods and sometimes complicate the further work of partners. The philosophy of any business has one purpose - maintenance of guaranteed stable and constant sales with increase in volume instead of nonrecurrent transactions (which have only one aim - maximum profit without additional securities and responsibility). The sense of any transaction first of all is to make a contact between people which is supported by a material interest. When there is a balance between these concepts long-term relations can be reached as well as high results. And at the same time it is very important to have good relations despite their material basis. The main thing partners should understand that these two things are separated: business to business, person to person! Therefore our offers are reduced to simple rules of trade. We follow them more than 10 years and this period of time prove that our concept is correct.

The general scheme on which our company carries out transactions is reduced to simple kinds of interaction.

1. In the beginning we have some business model with the client. We discuss it and accept convenient conditions on the transaction for both of us.

2. After the coordination of all details the client affirms his readiness and then the next usual scheme follows.

3. Cargo (or goods) is reserved by us at our suppliers and prepared for transportation, at this stage we can not provide access of the client to survey or cargo inspection.

4. After the reception of the deposit or full payment (it depends on preliminary arrangements) we deliver cargo to a warehouse of our carrier agent in Hong Kong, Dubai, Helsinki for the further transportation or survey (or inspection) by the client.

5. After acknowledgement of the client about payment of other sum we send cargo to earlier co-ordinated address or a route which it is previously co-ordinated with the client.

6. Throughout delivery the transport company is responsible for cargo, all kinds of insurance payments and other technical details. It is also important on what conditions cargo (CIP, CIF, DDP and etc) is delivered and what the dates of delivery are.

7. After reception of the cargo client can make additional inspection and in case of need make the claim or return cargo if it will obviously mismatch specifications or the preliminary arrangement. Unfortunately such things often take place, when it is the matter of memory cards, spare parts and other account materials.

8. We would provide cover of losses for not the qualitative goods if the defect percent exceeds 9 %. We also provide guarantee terms on some kinds of the goods by money compensation or their replacement in following deliveries.

9. Also pay attention to the fact that return is carried out for a client's account and replacement sending from our part. We try to work only with the suppliers checked up by time, that is why such situations happen very seldom, but unfortunately they exist.

We hope that in general our concept will be convenient for you and you can estimate conditions on which we offer to work (therewith it is checked up by time since 1998).

We respect your time and hope that this small digression to our business will help you to make decision in dealing with our company.

2009. Helsinki, Finland/

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