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Brand Part Nbr, Comments Qa-lity Production year Price 
 Microchip 24FC128-I/SN Chip 399    
 Analog Devices AD5543CRMZ Chip 141    
 Analog Devices AD8671AR Chip 118    
Altera 10M25SCE144I7G Chip 588    
Xilinx XCF04SVOG20C Chip 280    
Xilinx XC6SLX9-L1CPG196I  Chip 250    
XP POWER ECE10US48 converter 222    
XP POWER ECE60US 15 converter 224    
MEAN WELL DKE10A-24 converter 224    
 Analog Devices ADG1421BRMZ Chip 353    
 Analog Devices ADG441BR Chip 141    
 Analog Devices ADP1713AUJZ-2,5-R7 Chip 376    
 Analog Devices ADP2108AUJZ-1,2 Chip 376    
 Analog Devices ADR443ARZ Chip 282    
 Texas Instruments ADS1672IPAG Chip 141    
 Texas Instruments BQ24125RHLT Chip 141    
 Cypress CY7C68014A-56PVXC Chip 399    
 Maxim DS1832S Chip 500    
 Intel EPCQ16ASI8N Chip 247    
 FTDI FT232RL Chip 118    
 Analog Devices LM1117DT-3.3 Chip 376    
 Texas Instruments LM2733YMF Chip 259    
 Analog Devices LT1761ES5-5 Chip 235    
 Analog Devices LT1763CS8-5 Chip 180    
 Analog Devices LT1964ES5-5 Chip 426    
 Analog Devices LTC3642IMS8E Chip 259    
 Texas Instruments PCM1803DB Chip 227    
 Analog Devices SSM2135S Chip 141    
 Fairchild Semicond 4N35 Chip 300    
 Nexperia 1N5338 Diode 109    
 Nexperia BAT64-04 Diode 235    
 Collmer Semicond. DF04M (DF06M) Diode 109    
 Nexperia BZX384-C15 zener diode 235    
 Nexperia BZX384-C6V2 zener diode 235    
 Nexperia BF510 Transistor 567    
 Analog Devices LTC4417IGN   Chip 150    
 Analog Devices AD9833BRM Chip 30    
 Rohm BD1865GWL Chip 10    
Texas Instruments LMZ14203HTZ Chip 20    
 Linear Technology LTC1733EMSE Chip 6    
 Linear Technology LTC4353IDE Chip 4    
 Linear Technology LTC4091EDJC Chip 25    
 Linear Technology LT1761ES5-2,5 Chip 100    
 Maxim MAX8880EUT Т Chip 54    
 Texas Instruments TLV320AIC3254IRHB  Chip 50    
Kyocera CX3225SB30000D0FLJZ1 (CX3225SB30000D0FPLCC) Resonator 1000    
IR 10BQ040 Diode 500    
Infineon BAT64-07 GEG SMD Diode 500    
Vishay SM15T24CA Diode 500    
Infineon BC849CW Transistor 500    
IR IRF7324 Transistor 2000    
NXP Semiconductor BAS70-07 Assembly diode 500    
Jauch O30,0-JT33-B(C/D)-A(B/G/H/K/L/M)-3,3-LF Generator 400    
Jauch O30,0-JT33-B(C/D)-A(B/G/H/K/L/M)-3,0-LF Generator 400    
Moco 0BT1G04CLA35220 Fork 228    
Moco 0BBR35TN Sleeve 224    
Moco 0BC1GC01SS Sleeve 224    
Moco 0BZ2G04CLL0000 Socket 224    
Moco 0BC2C01SS Stub 224    
Neco Electronics 2174803-2 SIM card holder 226    


pickup or delivery to our warehouse in Guangzhou, China
Payment after ready confirmed stock to ship.

We buy only ready-to-ship stocks and before paying, our transport agent checks if you have them and only after that we make the payment and he picks them up from you directly from the warehouse or office, he can also buy them from you on the spot in cash or bank translation, in some cases, when buying directly from distributors, we pay for a pre-made order or placing it at the manufacturer's factory. so you do not need to offer us "air" only real physical supplies that you have in stock!

Please indicate:
1. Cost of each model for want of of indicated consignment of the order.
2. Full specification on this model, country of manufacturing, complete set, version software, etc..
3. Condition of payment and delivery.
4. Other additional information, which you can grant.


Please make your offer's!

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